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About Melisse & Co.


   Melisse & Co. is built on the intrinsic desire to pursue passions for a fulfilled lifestyle. Melisse & Co. began with a vision for developing and introducing products that we wish existed. It is fueled by passion and for quality lifestyle products. Our main focus is to introduce lifestyle products ranging from fashion for kids and women to household essentials for the home and garden. We have a passion for combining style and functionality, which inspired this all encompassing brand, Melisse & Co.



   Helen Pham Clinton is passionate about art. As a child, she would frequently partake in artistic activities simply out of interest. Helen spent her free time making jewelry and designing novel items to satisfy her constant desire to create. As one of her artistic ventures evolved, it transpired into a career. As a result, she became the designer and founder of Simply Savvy Co.

Helen began with a line of gourmet aprons which she debuted at the gourmet and housewares show. This line of cooking aprons then expanded to salon aprons for the beauty industry where she designed salon apparel and novelties for hairdressers and makeup artists. A few of the salon aprons had names such as Posh, Snob, Strut, To Dye For and the like. These names were intended to inspire confidence for the women who wore them. Her salon and makeup novelty line is a witty approach to support hairdressers and makeup professionals in promoting their profession. The phrases Keep Calm and Let Me Fix Your Hair® and Keep Calm and Let Me Do Your Makeup® are printed on shirts, mugs, totes, etc., to support makeup artists and hairdressers advertise their services. 

As Helen's salon apparel became more elaborate, she noticed that most of the sales were directed toward the more basic styles. This is when Helen's excitement for designing salon apparel declined, as her fuel for creating had diminished. As a result, she decided to restructure her approach to continue her passion to create. While maintaining and integrating Simply Savvy Co as a subdivision of Melisse & Co. The company will continue to expand into a broader lifestyle brand. Melisse & Co. is built on the intrinsic desire to pursue passions for a fulfilled lifestyle. 

Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact us with any collaborations, sponsorship or media inquiries you may have. View and access our media kit here: Melisse & Co. Press & Media Kit